What you need for GuitarClub!

Steel string guitars have a narrower neck but the strings are a little harder to press down when you start playing. Nylon strings have a wider neck but softer strings. Generally, beginners choose steel nylon string guitars instead of string ones but it if you have a steel string already, that’s fine.

Guitars are a big investment for a beginner, but the difference in quality is vast between the bottom of the range guitars and slightly more expensive ones, so if at all possible push the budget on this initial spend. It is advisable to go to a reputable music shop to buy a guitar and speak to someone there, as opposed to going to a toy shop or competitively priced supermarket. Perfect Pitch on Exchequer Street and X-Music in the Ballymount Industrial Estate have said they will look after us!

Often shops will match the prices of online retailers like Thomann if you have your research done.

One thing to keep in mind is “Action” – this is the distance between the string and the fretboard. If this gap is too big then it will be very difficult (or painful) for the guitarist to press down the string.

I recommend buying one of the good quality hardbacks from the school shop and pritt-sticking in the notes each week.

Guitarists that have done this in the past have all their notes together and will have them forever while some others that used a folder are often rooting through crumpled sheets trying to find the song they want to practise.

Plecs (plectrums) come in all shapes and sizes. The most important aspect is the thickness. 0.60mm should be the maximum thickness you get. Anything thicker than that will be too thick and make strumming more difficult. The thicknesses are alway written on plecs.

Here’s a pic of a perfect plec!



GuitarClub is all about having fun and enjoying learning some music!

To do this, you’re going to need to practise! You should always enjoy spending time with your guitar and not consider something you have to “get done.” I recommend getting a guitar stand for your guitar and always leaving your guitar out somewhere so that you can easily pick it up and do a bit of practice.

You need to practise for at least 20 mins a day but most GuitarClubers end up spending more time than that.

Here are a few extras that you should aspire to get in the future:

A stand for your guitar:

If you have to keep putting your guitar away after you practise then you are less likely to pick it up as you pass by. A guitar on a stand looks really well in a room and will encourage you to play more. Why not teach someone else in your family to play! These cost 10-15 euro

If you have a DIY buff about, a wall stand saves space! €13

http://www.xmusic.ie/Hercules-Guitar-Wall-Mount.html (The cheaper one wasn’t any good)

A strap

A strap helps you control your guitar better whether you are sitting or standing.

A Plec holder

This sticks onto your guitar and holds all your plecs so you don’t lose them! €2

Make sure to place it somewhere that it won’t be in the way.


A tuner

Every week, your guitar will be tuned but, in the future, you may want to do this on your own. If you have access to a smart phone / iPod etc then you can download the app “Cleartune” for €3.59

Cleartune is as good as any professional tuner that you might buy for €100.